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Gigabit Access

In collaboration with leading global technology partners, our Gigabit Access team offers Internet service providers innovative cloud-based solutions for access networks and supports them during the transition.

As a technology scout, we not only follow the latest developments and new launches on the market, but also take into account the existing infrastructure of our customers and their objectives in order to develop and implement the most suitable changeover scenario for them. 

Smart-x Connectivity Services

With our modular Smart-x Connectivity Services, energy service providers can connect intelligent devices, such as smart meters or district heating systems while ensuring optimal encryption of the data. 

Our offering includes

  • Service platform for provisioning, monitoring etc. 
  • GPON Connectivity

Which can be supplemented by our service modules

  • Needs analysis, conception, security and PoC
  • Integration - Engineering
  • Operations or support & maintenance

We would be happy to support you in setting up your Smart Services. For more information, please contact us today.

Proprietary network systems? That's old news!

The implementation and use of cloud platforms supports our customers in successfully mastering operational and market challenges and in sustainably differentiating themselves from the competition:

  • Know or anticipate customer needs and behaviour: By using software-based access platforms, relevant customer data can be processed and made available. In addition, various tools for marketing and support provide the necessary data to anticipate customer behaviour or technical problems.
  • Maximum elasticity of resources and "pay as you grow": The provision of physical resources on site, such as CMTS, BNG and routers, is cost-intensive (Capex and Opex), hardly scalable and requires a lot of time and know-how. With cloud-based platforms, these resources can be obtained on demand and cost-effectively at the click of a mouse. The implementation of redundancy scenarios and load balancing are also simple and can be implemented with little effort.
  • Respond quickly and flexibly to market developments: With software-based access platforms, the implementation of new functionalities is no longer dependent on the hardware and can therefore be developed in a virtual environment, tested and then simply loaded into the platform as another module.

Switching pays off

In addition to the obvious advantages that software-based access platforms offer in dealing with current market challenges, there are also other, primarily technological, drivers that favour a switch to cloud-based platforms:

  • Virtualisation technologies, in particular that of network functions (NFV): With NFV, network functions are virtualised and executed independently of the hardware where it makes the most sense, i.e. in the cloud or distributed in the access network. Software-based platforms complement NFV in an ideal way by enabling the separation of network control functions and forwarding functions. 
  • Distributed architectures: So-called "distributed architectures" allow the effective use of NFV. Management and control functions are centralised and network functions that need to be performed close to the customer can be executed on distributed devices.
  • Cloud technologies for maximum elasticity: Physical resources at the ISP, such as computing power, storage or the network, are hardly scalable. In the cloud, however, scaling is unlimited and the resources are therefore maximally elastic. Thanks to this resource elasticity, network and service providers can respond to changing needs in an agile and cost-effective manner.

Our technology portfolio

  •  FTTH: We are very familiar with all fibre technologies, but focus mainly on PON; the most powerful fibre technology for access networks.
  •  DOCSIS: Our focus is on distributed architectures and thus on the technologies Remote PHY (R-PHY) and Distributed CCAP (D-CCAP), which we see as an ideal intermediate step towards Virtual CCAP (vCCAP).
  •  Provisioning: Our service platform is based on open source and thus enables the integration of third-party applications. Furthermore, this is agnostic to both vendor and technology.

Our services

  •  Consulting, solution development and PoC
  •  implementation
  •   Support and maintenance

Have we aroused your interest? We would be happy to assist you with the transition to cloud-based platforms for your access network. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.  

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