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Energy Solutions

With innovative, cloud-based technology and services for creating, operating and visualizing new digital energy services with added value, we support our customers in securing their market advantage with new business models.

The energy management systems offered by BN are intelligent, open and scalable platforms with multiple applications and interfaces in connection with market-leading manufacturers of meters, PV systems, batteries, charging stations or heat pumps and offers a real alternative to cost-intensive and rigid isolated solutions.

Scalable platform for market advantage

Cloud-based technologies that enable the creation and marketing of new, value-added services are the future of the energy market. Here, each site is equipped with a gateway whose software executes decentralized functions and ensures data exchange with the cloud, processes the received data and creates a generic data archive.

In addition, the integrated platform offers cloud services and applications for centralized tasks, as well as a variety of interfaces to backend systems, third-party clouds and individual front-end displays for different user groups.
If you would like more information on energy management systems, you can download our whitepaper here.

Key benefits of the BN Energy Management Platform

  • Reduces integration risk because it is standardized, open, vendor-independent and maximally scalable
  • Ensures long-term investment protection due to the large potential of different energy services on one and the same platform (e.g. interconnection for self-consumption (ZEV), smart e-car charging solutions, self-consumption optimization)
  • Connectivity of different on-site devices, such as PV inverters, batteries, charging boxes or charging stations, meters, heat pumps or boilers
  • Abstraction of data as well as the creation of a future-proof data model that ensures the storage of real-time data in full width and resolution in the cloud 
  • High degree of standardization and thus flexible setup of new applications on the existing data model without having to resort to the interfaces to the individual devices or to tweak the data model 
  • Provision of complete data for ex-post analyses
  • Integration of third-party systems, central, cross-system asset management and data storage in one platform
  • Continuous further development of the platform in close cooperation with the user community. 

Basically, broadband communication is required for the operation of energy management systems; remote buildings can also be connected via modems using 3G / 4G / 5G, PLC or radio.


Customized solutions and implementation

At BN, we support you as needed and completely customized in the design, testing and implementation of company-specific energy applications such as:

  • Smart charging solutions for electromobility and other Energy+ services such as tools for upselling and customer retention, self-consumption optimization for photovoltaic systems, energy communities and P2P electricity trading. 
  • ZEV management including meter administration, asset management, meter reading, balancing and billing and visualization
  • Multi-utility meter reading (gas, water, heat), billing and visualization and digital services based on them
  • Smart grid applications: Monitoring and supervision of grid level 7, software-based ripple control and decentralized grid control (self-healing), dynamic tariff system, incentivization of grid users, demand side management (making customer assets usable as grid resources).

In addition, we offer various services to support and operate your energy management platform. More information on the available services can be found here. 
BN generates added value through our understanding of the industry, our profound experience in digitalization, market liberalization in the ICT sector and as a long-standing provider of telecommunications solutions for wired and wireless access networks.

Our goal is to inspire our customers through passion, experience and new technologies and our focus is to think beyond the here and now to realize tomorrow's innovations today.

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