News | 07.02.2020

Plume introduces new Quality of Experience metric

From simple performance to customer satisfaction - Plume®'s Quality of Experience (QoE) metric enables Internet Service Providers to gain critical insights to better serve smart home customers.

For years, the performance of device connections in the digital house has been evaluated with QoS measurements (Quality of Service). However, due to the growing variety of IoT devices, these answer the wrong questions.

Yesterday's service indicators are not enough for today's digital homes. And for efficient customer service.

For internet service providers (ISPs) today, it's less about the mere performance of the broadband connection and more about customer satisfaction. It is what drives new subscriptions, deepens market penetration and reduces churn.

Quality of Experience (QoE) is a new metric developed with a wide range of data from the Plume Cloud to better measure "device satisfaction" and thus customer satisfaction.

More efficient ISP customer care

Plume is in the unique position to perform deep analysis on large amounts of data to better understand the user experience. With millions of households connected to cloud-based data storage and analysis. 

For example, Plume applies novel methods to identify device types accurately and in detail, and uses machine learning algorithms to correlate device and network behavior with customer complaints.
By wrapping this into the new QoE assessment methodology, Plume now enables Internet service providers to better understand their customers and focus their resources and attention on the right places.

Decisive advantages - convincing application examples

For the most important advantages and convincing application examples of the Quality of Experience evaluation methodology for a more efficient customer care, better customer satisfaction and reduced churn, read here