News | 23.01.2024

Stop looking in the rear-view mirror

The future of access networks is software and cloud-based. Why? Because simplification and agility are key in a dynamic and highly competitive market.

The challenges faced by telecommunications and internet providers have risen in recent years. In order to master these successfully, providers need to move away from existing systems, such as complex monolithic OSS system landscapes or conventional transmission technologies. The procurement of a software-based access platform is the first step into the future. Because only those who dare to look ahead will succeed!

Glattwerk has taken the plunge and is looking ahead with us

After a thorough evaluation and a PoC, Glattwerk opted for the software-based access platform from Calix. The platform redefines network access by simplifying the architecture and operation, which allows new services to be offered quickly and cost-effectively.

The platform will be rolled out based on XGS PON, but Glattwerk can also use 50G PON in the future without any influence on the operating concepts and workflows, and without any additional costs for licenses, as these are not dependent on the technology, but on the number of active customers.

Do you dare?

We understand that the acquisition of access network infrastructure and OSS platforms is usually associated with high investments. Due to the dynamic nature of the market and the acquisition of technology infrastructure in particular, reliable investment planning is becoming increasingly difficult. We take our customers' concerns seriously and have therefore developed a Gigabit Access Service package that enables predictable monthly costs over a mutually agreed term instead of high investments with additional recurring support costs. If you would like to find out more about our offer, please contact us.