News | 19.06.2024

Testimonial Glattwerk AG

At the beginning of the year, we reported that our long-standing customer Glattwerk AG had opted for our software and cloud-based Access platform from Calix. 

We were delighted with this bold and forward-looking decision. But we were even more pleased to have the opportunity to visit Patric Saurenmann, Head of Telecommunications at Glattwerk AG, in Dübendorf to ask how he and his team had experienced the evaluation phase and now the implementation.

«A software-based access solution gives us the opportunity to act faster and more efficiently and to set up new services at any time, which ultimately contributes to a better customer experience.»
— Patric Saurenmann, Head of Telecommunications at Glattwerk AG

He told us about the detailed POC, the collaboration with BN and Calix, the challenges during implementation and why it is worthwhile for small and medium-sized network operators to invest in software and cloud-based access solutions. 

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