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News | 24.03.2020

DOCSIS modems – New products & lower prices

We would like to inform you about our DOCSIS news.

DOCSIS 3.1 Gateway CGA4233 – New

The gateway can now be ordered from us. Technicolor is the leading supplier of this globally applied product and has integrated the pioneering technology "Reference Design Kit" (RDK) - an industry standard that allows the embedding of third-party software.

The key data:
- 2x2 OFDM(A) in D3.1
- 32 DS and 8 US in D3.0
- Automatic switchable diplexer for up- and downstream
- 1.2 GHz Full Band Capture Tuner
- 2 FXS Ports
- 4 GE LAN Ports
- Wi-Fi 802.11n 2.4 GHz (3x3)
- Wi-Fi 802.11ac 5 GHz (4x4)

You can find the attractive price in our WebShop. Like all DOCSIS devices, this product is available without minimum order quantity and volume commitment.


DOCSIS 3.1 eMTA – Coming soon

The trend is towards de-coupling of the modem and home network. Large service providers are preparing to apply DOCSIS modems without WiFi and offer WiFi on a separate service platform, such as Plume..

The advantages are evident:
- The investment is more sustainable since the lifecycles of DOCSIS Modem/Fibre ONT and WiFi are different
- The access network (DOCSIS/Fibre) and the home network are subject to different operational and customer
   requirements; de-coupling supports this fact
- Home networks have diverse requirements, depending on the size of the household and the complexity of the home
   installation; a dedicated service platform covers all needs
- A home network is not just WiFi. Internet security, easy on-boarding of devices and intelligent device management are
   a must for high customer satisfaction
- Small device with little complexity

Starting this summer, a D3.1 eMTA without WiFi can be ordered from us. An approach that many innovative operators will soon follow.

DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway – New prices

Thanks to the high market demand, we can now lower the prices for the proven CGA2121TCH1. You can find the new prices in our WebShop. As usual, the Gateway is available from our warehouse within a few days.


HITRON CGNV4 – Delays in delivery

Due to the current situation caused by the corona virus, Hitron has announced delays in delivery. Hitron was recently able to restart production and informed us that delivery to us will be made by mid May 2020. Therefore, we will not be able to fully meet the current demand for CGNV4. We apologize and thank you for your understanding. As soon as available, we will deliver all backorders.


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