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News | 19.05.2020

Higher network capacities and lower latencies

How distributed DOCSIS network architectures bring new, strategic advantages to Swiss providers 

In the age of online gaming as well as augmented and virtual reality, high bandwidths and low latency play a central role for cable network operators. As broadband speeds are expected to double by 2023 at constant price levels, operators' network infrastructure must necessarily offer more capacity and support for latency-sensitive data traffic at lower costs. However, traditional (centralized) architectures cannot meet the requirements of such high data volumes.  

Future-proof thanks to distributed network architectures  

Broadband Networks recognized early that centralized DOCSIS architectures would not be able to meet future market requirements. "That's why we have been offering our customers solutions with distributed DOCSIS architectures so called «Distributed Access Architectures» based on D-CCAP technology since 2013," says Daniel Schurter, Team Leader Gigabit Access at Broadband Networks. 

Thanks to D-CCAP, access networks with "digital fiber" can be extended into the coverage areas and do not require analog amplifiers. This not only increases service quality, but also significantly reduces operating costs. Further advantages of the technology are the reduction of latency with increasing bandwidth. D-CCAP is also an ideal pathfinder for DOCSIS 3.1, DOCSIS 4.0 and "fiber to the home". Furthermore, the distributed DOCSIS architectures will promote the introduction of virtualization technologies such as vCCAP in the access network. 

Strategic partnership with vision 

In order to continue providing the Swiss market with innovative DOCSIS solutions in the future, Broadband Networks has teamed up with the Dutch company Hirschmann Multimedia, a leading provider of high-quality communication technologies. The newly launched Hirschmann Digital Access (HDA) division offers integrative network solutions. "We are very pleased to have found a partner in Broadband Networks who shares our vision and pursues the same goals. Together we want to help Swiss cable network operators to make their access networks fit for the future," said Eddy Mötter, Commercial Technical Manager at Hirschmann Digital Access.  

Broadband Networks now offers the D-CCAP systems DN1218 from HDA in Switzerland. The systems enable cable network operators to offer cost-effective and customized bandwidths of 1 Gbps and more.