News | 31.03.2021

From supplier to energy service provider

Being an energy supplier is great. But being actively experienced is even greater. Energy suppliers should no longer appear faceless, but from now on maintain an active exchange of information with their end customers. They can achieve this with digital interfaces, which come in the form of a modern energy management and communication platform. The platform provides the link for close interaction between energy suppliers and their customers.  

The energy management platform provides its users with real-time access to customer data and the dynamic evaluation options enable increased efficiency and agility in the provision of new services. This in turn opens up a whole new level of access to such services for customers and establishes strong customer loyalty to the energy service provider, the most valuable asset of any service provider. 

We want to accompany you on this path, enter into dialogue with you and together make this path attractive. Therefore, we will regularly share the various functionalities of this energy management platform with you in the form of a series, in order to optimise the range of functions and timing on the market and to cultivate an exchange of experiences.

You can find more information about the Energy Management Platform in our white paper and about the individual functionalities via this link.