News | 11.06.2021

The new BN!

A developing company needs a developed brand.

When Broadband Networks was launched in 2002, "broadband networks" was the perfect definition for what we offered.

However, technology and connectivity are constantly changing and evolving. Every successful company deals with this. Our passion is the technologies of tomorrow. We also live this with our brand.

Our portfolio of products and services is becoming ever broader and more sophisticated: for example, we have long since gone beyond the access sector to offer smart home and energy solutions. We only partially have anything to do with the original, literal sense of our company.

Thus, we believe it is time to evolve our brand as well - in line with our growth and the strengthening of our company.

From now on, we will operate as BN AG and be known simply as "BN".

It's an evolution towards simplicity that we have earned through our many successful projects and strong, trusting relationships with our customers and suppliers around the world.

Of course, as a company, we will continue to build positive associations with our name through our knowledge and expertise. We will make these two letters synonymous with bringing tomorrow's technology today.

We look forward to continuing our journey together!

Kind regards

Ivo Scheiwiller, CEO