News | 29.10.2019

Advanced Fiber to the Home technology solutions

Since August 2012 Broadband Networks and Huawei have been working together to provide the Swiss market with innovative network solutions. The launch of the pioneering Fiber to the Home technology XGS PON is a further milestone in this long-standing partnership and holds unmistakable potential for national Internet Service Providers (ISPs), regional cable network operators and energy providers.

XGS PON - the trend-setting Fiber to the Home technology

A clear global trend towards XGS PON can be observed in the FTTH area. PON is a standardized access technology and allows a continuous bandwidth increase on a constant fiber optic infrastructure. These very investment-friendly features have led to a worldwide breakthrough in the planning and construction of FTTH networks. This technology bears great opportunities for cable network operators, ISPs and energy providers and their customers. Kevin Liu Kai, General Manager Enterprise of Huawei Switzerland, explains: «It enables the offering of bandwidth-hungry applications such as 4K/8K TV, streaming, gaming, cloud based virtual reality services, WiFi 6 home access and symmetrical 10G PON services for business customers. But the use of XGS technology is also a high-performance and economical option for the new 5G mobile communications standard.» It is expected that PON solutions with 50 and 100 Gigabit/s will become available in the coming years.

The trend towards XGS PON is also unmistakable in Switzerland. Daniel Schurter, Team Leader Gigabit Access, states: «Broadband Networks is supporting several customers in their FTTH expansion to the new 10 Gbit/s technology. After a successful proof of concept, the first customers have already opted for XGS technology.» Broadband Networks is thus helping its customers to make up the shortfall on the large national telecom companies. 

The Next Generation of Multiservice Access System Solutions

XGS PON can be easily setup on Huawei's multi-service access system SmartAX MA5800 (OLT), which is available in various form factors and supports access technologies such as GPON, XG-PON, XGS-PON, GE, 10-GE and TWDM PON.

The system also provides operators and energy providers with a distributed architecture and virtualization capability. For example, a physical Optical Line Terminal (OLT) can be converted into a virtual OLT. Each virtual OLT is individually configured and managed and allows for a specific allocation of connections and service boards to the respective provider. This "slicing" also enables, the separate operation of business and private customers who are physically connected to the same device.