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News | 21.04.2022

WiFi 6E: The importance of orchestrating resources and devices - Prepare for the future with Plume

WiFi 6E promises a new era of innovation. It will offer more capacity than all other WiFi frequency bands combined, enabling faster speeds for homes and businesses.

Get ready to offer your customers flawless and secure connectivity with the revolutionary WiFi 6E. The intelligent service platform from our technology partner Plume® with HomePass™ und WorkPass™ is ready today for the innovation ahead.

WiFi 6E offers:

  • More frequency spectrum, which is intelligently and steadily managed with Plume.
  • More and different frequency channels, which are allocated based on need with the Plume service platform.
  • Different types of modulation, which are used efficiently thanks to Plume, taking into account the capabilities of the devices.
  • Increase in the number of devices. The Plume service platform actively orchestrates the devices and allocates the available and applicable resources according to the needs of the users, as well as the simultaneous use of traditional WiFi standards and WiFi 6E.


Orchestrating access points, devices and frequencies is more important than ever for a flawless WLAN. That's why a cloud-based platform - like Plume's service platform - is essential for WiFi 6E!

By 2025, 41% of the 5.2 billion WiFi 6 products expected to ship will be WiFi 6E devices.
— Wi-Fi Alliance

Plume has issued a whitepaper about the new WiFi 6E, from which we would like to share our key facts with you below:

WiFi 6E extends the low latency, high capacity and gigabit speeds to the 6 GHz spectrum by adding up to three 160 MHz channels or six 80 MHz channels in Switzerland.

In addition to higher capacity and performance, WiFi 6E also brings less interference by providing a high number of channels and eliminating outdated operating modes.

The main application areas that WiFi 6E supports include:

  • Broader adoption of IoT, both consumer and enterprise.
  • Multigigabit video streaming, such as 4K and 8K video
  • New generations of augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

While much of the innovation driven by WiFi 6E is taking place in the commercial and industrial sectors, consumer adoption is not long in coming. Cisco predicts that connected home applications - including smart devices, security and video surveillance, and home automation - will account for nearly half of all machine-to-machine connections (used by IoT devices) by 2023.

Becoming future-proof now with intelligent management

While topology management and band steering are critical for the initial deployment of WiFi 6E in homes, ISPs should already be planning additional management capabilities for the future. This enables the right decisions to be made to future-proof their services.

For more information about Plume HomePass and WorkPass, please get in touch with us.

You can download Plume's whitepaper (currently in English) about the new WiFi 6E HERE to learn more.