News | 06.06.2019

Innovative cloud solution for strategic competitive advantages in the telecommunications and energy markets

With the Californian Calix, Broadband Networks brings a unique cloud software and service platforms to the Swiss telecommunications and energy market. The Zurich pioneer for modern network technologies  is the first mover in Europe to use cloud-based software defined network (SDN) solutions already successfully established in the North American utility market. 


For Ivo Scheiwiller, CEO Broadband Networks, the cloud-based SDN solutions from Calix are decisive for the strategic partnership. They ideally complement Broadband Network's existing technology portfolio and strengthen Broadband Network's commitment to providing customers with the ideal technology solution. 

Software defined networking 

What makes Calix cloud based SDN solutions stand out is that they radically simplify network architectures, make them flexible and allow a provider to roll out new services, features or upgrades easily, efficiently and quickly at the lowest cost. In addition to reduced operating expenses (OPEX), Calix cloud technologies provide the foundation for improved marketing segmentation and product differentiation in the marketplace through artificial intelligence.  

Competitive position in the telecommunication and energy market 

Swiss telecommunications and energy companies with their own communications infrastructures have the unique opportunity to strengthen their long-term market positions and secure new competitive advantages with Calix's innovative SDN solutions combined with Broadband Networks broad understanding of the ICT industry. This is of particular strategic importance in the liberalising energy sector. 

Broadband Networks is already in advanced discussions with potential customers and hopes to announce first implementations in the Swiss market soon.