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News | 31.05.2022

Our Plume news in May

A virtual app as a marketing aid, new study results on WiFi and insights into national and international cases - read more in our May news!

Exciting event

We were very pleased with the interest and open discussions at our Plume HomePass Experience Exchange on May 10 at our office. Many thanks to all speakers for the inspiring presentations!

Marketing aid: Virtual HomePass app

Plume has created a virtual app that explains the services of HomePass and helps you as a provider with marketing. Incorporate it into your landing page, for example, to convince potential customers of HomePass. Simply use the URL!

WiFi now as important as electricity and gas

Our find in "ICTkommunikation" with new study results (in German). Enjoy reading!

Top success rate

After the integration of HomePass into the Internet M + L, Gemeindebetriebe Muri carried out a large call campaign. With 1'600 called internet customers a plume take rate of 30% could be achieved. And a third of them even in combination with an upselling of further products! Chapeau for the great performance!

International case study

Learn how US service provider Armstrong improved its business thanks to Plume in the new case study: +33.8% NPS, -30% CIR, -18.75% churn, +12.5% growth.