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News | 14.07.2022

Energized into the summer

Energy related topics have been strongly debated in the media recently. Especially due to the feared energy supply crisis, the relevance has increased significantly. 

In our Energy Solutions Summer Update, we give you an overview of the current coverage and our related solutions.

Supply crisis: How to get your customers to save money

In view of the feared energy supply crisis, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) has researched how citizens can most effectively be encouraged to save.

The editorial team writes: "An app that broke down electricity consumption according to various activities such as cooking, washing, heating, stand-by and cooling made a real difference: the savings amounted to 0.75 kWh per day, which is significant given a daily consumption of around 9 kWh of electricity. This shows how crucial it is to have immediate and detailed information about your consumption."

We can subscribe to that 100%. And with Eliq, we can also offer you and your customers the right app as a whitelabel solution. Read the whole NZZ article here

Funding program for eMobility 

The Zurich government council wants to promote eMobility and is therefore launching a funding program worth 50 million Swiss francs for e-charging stations. 

The program focuses on charging options at the place of residence. The focus is on apartment buildings and condominiums, where the decision-making process for an investment is particularly difficult. However, a subsidy can also be applied for for a single-family home. 

So-called bidirectional charging stations, which are usually fed by a photovoltaic system, are also to receive funding. 

We welcome this step and with our charging solution ChargeUp from Unicorn we provide you with the optimal solution for planning and implementing your charging infrastructure. You can find the full article here.

Together for the energy transition

Heat pump, photovoltaic system, electricity storage, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles... Only when you optimize energy flows across sectors do the individual energy management systems deliver real added value - both for end-customers and for your grid. 

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