News | 01.10.2018

A really smart home WiFi

Broadband Networks launches Plume®, a smart WiFi service that uses Artificial Intelligence in the cloud to deliver optimal WiFi performance. 

The challenge - Optimized WiFi for all users in the digital home 

With 91% percent, we Swiss occupy a leading position in the use of the Internet behind the leading Norwegians (96%). More than 50% of us spend 5 to 29 hours a week online (Federal Statistical Office, Internet use). 

At the same time, our WiFi pleasure in our own home is increasingly reaching its limits. Not low transfer rates of Internet providers are the problem, but three key factors in-house: It is the wrong positioning often outdated WiFi router / access points, large or by walls or solid building materials shielded rooms, as well as the interaction of neighboring networks, which Determine the online pleasure at home. 

The answer from Broadband Networks - intelligent WiFi technology that constantly adapts to users 

Broadband Networks solves this challenge with the launch of Plume's intelligent WiFi technology, which is also a Swiss premiere. The unique feature of the innovative technology is that Plume continuously analyzes, learns and always meets the needs of your home, getting the most out of your home WiFi and Internet connection. 
Once installed with the intuitive and clear 'Plume WiFi Swiss' app, Plume continuously records the current environment (positions / requirements of the various devices, existing frequencies / channels) via the pods distributed in outlets and, with its intelligent cloud control, ensures that in every room optimal WiFi coverage. Adapted to the current needs in your home. 

Even more; You create and manage personal passwords, individual user profiles for guests, access to certain websites and the necessary time-out for your children simply via the app; wherever you are.  

Disruptive cloud technology with local support in Switzerland 

We launch Plume in close collaboration with national and local Internet service providers, providing one-stop shopping for cloud technology and local support. Plume is now available from GA Weissenstein (Solothurn), GGA Maur (Binz / Zurich) and WWZ (Zug).  
As we are in discussions with other providers, the list of Plume™ providers will soon be bigger. If your internet provider does not yet offer Plume, that's no problem. Plume pods are independent of the vendor and your location.  Because Plume™ is a smart WiFi technology that constantly adapts to your home needs and gets more out of your Internet connection. The carefree WiFi for the digital home.