News | 22.09.2022

Kiwigrid and BN* support IWB in launching decentralized energy communities in Switzerland

Kiwigrid, BN and the Swiss energy provider IWB have begun cooperating in the field of energy communities. The companies have jointly developed a software product for energy management and facilities management. A decentralized and highly efficient energy supply is being implemented at the “Westfeld” in Basel, where the product is to be used for the first time from October onwards. The first tenants will move into the newly developed site from January 2023.

Renewable energy communities – in Switzerland also known as associations for self-consumption (ZEV) – provide local generation of energy from renewable sources that can be consumed in the direct surroundings. The EU has recognized the role of such energy communities as key drivers of the energy transition in its Clean Energy Package. For Switzerland, too, promoting decentralized electricity production is one of the key components of its national energy strategy to become climate-neutral by 2050.

«Local energy communities and the implementation of sector coupling in neighbourhoods and cities are key components for the success of the decentralized energy transition. We are proud to be actively shaping the Swiss energy transition alongside the innovative energy provider IWB with this pioneering project on the ‘Westfeld’ in Basel.»
— Frank Schlichting, CEO of Kiwigrid

A new neighbourhood with over 500 cooperative apartments is being built on the “Westfeld” in Basel which will meet the highest ecological, economic and technical standards. IWB is planning to build and operate an integrated heating, cooling, and power supply system for the area, together with the housing cooperative wohnen&mehr.

Based on its energy IoT platform KiwiOS X, Kiwigrid provides the necessary energy management, as well as the administration and processing of the data infrastructure. This allows the electricity meters of various residential units, PV systems, charging stations and heat pumps to be interconnected, intelligently controlled and managed as part of the ZEV. In addition, Kiwigrid has simplified the implementation of the ZEV into the systems for IWB, automated the creation of balancing groups and made the meter change more user-friendly. IWB supports property owners in all aspects of ZEV: from consultation, to the launch, to the execution, along with efficient management and billing during operation. In short, the property is upgraded, tenants benefit from renewable and cheaper electricity, and they receive a clear visualization of their energy flows.

The “Westfeld” is only the kick-off project for the partnership, more joint projects are planned for the future. IWB, Kiwigrid and BN intend to realize further associations for self-consumption in Switzerland. There are already some interested parties.

«Our goal is a fully renewable, climate-friendly energy supply. Together with customers and partners, we promote and develop future-proof living and working spaces on sites. As an expert in energy management systems and IoT for renewable energies, Kiwigrid has proven to be an optimal partner in implementing our ambitious goals.»
— Markus Balmer, Head of Sales and Member of the Executive Board of IWB

*BN AG has been  Kiwigrids exclusive reseller in Switzerland since 2018.