News | 22.11.2022

The smart way out of the energy crisis

With our smart grid solutions, energy service providers balance the energy flows in their network. Thanks to the connection to an energy insight app such as Eliq, we also ensure the mobilization of end customers. The result? The available energy is optimally utilized and investments in the grid are made in the right place. 

The Eliq Service Platform is already being used by energy service providers in Switzerland and initial empirical values show promising results. Energy savings of 5 - 7% have been achieved by adapting customer behavior.

The bad news in advance: The way out of the energy crisis is not by consistently showering in pairs. But maybe our solutions sound more attractive to energy service providers anyway? 
Smart grid is the smartly controlled balancing of production and consumption of available energy resources. This digitizes your grid and transforms it into an intelligent control loop of sensors, data, and actuators.

In consequence, this means:

  • The risk of grid failure decreases
  • The increasingly expensive resource "electricity" is used much more efficiently
  • The utilization of the local distribution network is optimized without having to restrict customers (e.g. electromobility)

By using smart solutions such as the involvement of end customers via the Eliq energy insight app, you can also: 

  • Show individual savings potential 
  • Play out situational consumption or savings incentives in real time
  • Positively influence customer behavior
  • Prepare for market opening through active customer retention

In addition, we will be happy to advise you on how our intelligent, manufacturer-independent cloud backend for charging infrastructures from ChargeUp can be used to optimize grid usage for e-mobility 2.0, e.g. for the transition to the mass market. 

Smart Grid is no longer just a nice-to-have

While a smart grid implementation was initially a nice-to-have without any major incentives, the current crisis on the energy market has made it an effective and economical solution.

We at BN accompany you in this process - with competent consulting or a comprehensive implementation function for the implementation of the energy insight app Eliq and the eMobility solution ChargeUp. With both solutions, you make an important contribution to energy efficiency and raising awareness among end customers. Are you ready?