News | 12.09.2019

Disruptive offers for the evolution of your WiFi networks

With the unique adaptive WiFi™ service platform from Plume®, you can increase customer loyalty while reducing churn. On top, you can now revolutionize the WiFi network in your customers' homes with our disruptive decoupling decks while saving up to 25 percent. 

Secure a strategic market advantage by separating access and WiFi technologies

Access network technologies have much longer life cycles than WiFi. CPEs with integrated WiFi thus unnecessarily increase network complexity. The separation of access technology from WiFi network technology (decoupling) which is now emerging in the market brings ISPs decisive operational and strategic advantages: 

  • Improved OPEX by cutting Internet-related customer calls in half 
  • Greater customer satisfaction through competent call center support 
  • Staying at the forefront with the latest WiFi technologies 
  • Faster time to market for services with Plume's open source technology 
  • Increase in added value and loyalty through new offers in the customer's home 
  • Improving network stability and service availability 
  • A unique WiFi platform for all networks (Fibre, DOCSIS, DSL) 
  • Harmonization and investment protection of your networks 

In order to support the evolution of your WiFi network also tactically, we offer you two unique decoupling sets. If you require decoupling sets with XGS or SuperPods just ask us here at

Broadband Networks Decoupling Decks reduce investment and operating costs 

Fiber Decoupling Set 

For fiber networks, we offer you the following set for CHF 84.90: 

  • Huawei ONT (ONT, GPON EG801H) 
  • A Plume® Pod 
DOCSIS 3.1 Decoupling Set 

For DOCSIS networks, we offer you the following set for CHF 119.--: 

  • Technicolor Data-Modem (TC 4400, DOCSIS 3.1) 
  • A Plume® Pod