News | 05.12.2022

Gigabit Access Update

Our industry update in December

In this year's last Gigabit Access Industry Update, we have once again collected exciting articles for you. From the benefits of disaggregated PON, to the importance of network quality versus speed, to the key to network transformation, there's something for everyone.

Network Quality Above All

At BN, we have long believed that it is not sustainable for ISPs to differentiate themselves on price and network speed alone. 

According to industry experts, a seamless and positive customer experience is becoming even more important with the emergence of new metrics like «Quality of Experience» (QoE).

Simplified processes and more flexibility in the supply chain

Traditionally, access systems have been the most important and capital-intensive elements of an access network. 

But how can the disaggregation of these nodes contribute to simplified processes and more flexibility in the supply chain?

How to achieve the ultimate network transformation

Transformation never happens overnight. 

However, by leveraging software-based access platforms that are built on open standards and open source, you can comprehensively transform your networks, lower your overall costs, and protect your existing investments.