News | 31.01.2023

Our Plume news in january

Find out first-hand why Flims Electric AG integrated Plume into its Internet subscription and how customers reacted. Also, find out why Forbes named the SuperPod WiFi 6E «Gear of the Year».

Read more and find out more in our January News!

Plume® - a stable and reliable solution

«To us, the most important thing is to have a stable and reliable solution, which we have found with Plume» says Cédric Willi. He is the head of telecom at Flims Electric AG and answered four questions about Plume.

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SuperPod WiFi 6E – Gear of the Year

The SuperPod with WiFi 6E is one of a range of OpenSync-certified hardware designs that brings unparalleled choice to service providers. As a result, the SuperPod WiFi 6E was highlighted as «Gear of the Year» in a recent Forbes article!

Hardware available as of now

In the Online-Shop you can order the following hardware from stock:
- SuperPod WiFi 5
- SuperPod WiFi 6E
- SuperPod AON