News | 27.02.2023

Saving energy with simplicity

Anyone who wants to save energy in the long term at home or at work will do so more efficiently if they are aware of their own current consumption. Energy service providers can help their customers save energy with our energy insights platform Eliq.

The Kassensturz report on SRF (in German) brought to light that the nationwide installation of digital meters for the ongoing recording of electricity, gas and water consumption, so-called smart meters, is behind schedule. Across Switzerland, only around a quarter of households have been fitted with them, even though the law requires a full 80% of all households to be equipped with a smart meter by 2027. Among the reasons cited by the responsible entities are the global shortages in the supply chains.

Particularly in the current situation, in which energy costs have risen substantially, the topic is more relevant than ever. Consumers are willing to adjust their behavior in order to optimize their energy consumption and save costs. On the other hand, energy service providers are striving for an even distribution of their available resources and good contact with their clientele.

Added value for both sides

We now offer utilities a simple solution that brings added value to both them and their customers. Our Swedish partner company Eliq has developed a platform based on three components: Insights and Advice, Energy Management and Self-Service. On their smartphones, users can see where, when, for what and how much energy is used, thanks to energy usage categories (such as heating or lighting). These insights not only promote the conscious use of resources - they also make it possible to discover devices that are conspicuous for their relatively high consumption and how to optimize that fact.

In addition to tips on how to save, the app also offers the option of comparing one's own consumption and current CO2 footprint with the data of other users, which encourages further improvements. An anomaly notification is also integrated, which warns users if an unusual change should occur.

Practical for electric cars and PV systems

Those who rely on e-mobility benefit from Eliq's charging function. It ensures charging at the lowest price or when the energy mix is greenest. For PV owners, there are valuable control elements and warnings in case of performance problems. Last but not least, the app simplifies the relationship between the energy supplier and the private customer: from changing the address to paying the bill to chatting with customer service, the platform takes on a mediating function.

Pilot project successfully launched

At the end of 2022 we started our pilot project with allthisfuture AG - the WWZ Innovation Lab. The innovation lab was created in 2019 with the purpose of identifying trends and developments at an early stage, building up and exchanging know-how, and illuminating growth markets. The main focus is on business models around the transformation of the centralized energy system to a decentralized energy system.
Together with the Zug Estates Group, a test phase is being carried out with the residents of Suurstoffi. Suurstoffi is a climate-neutral residential and commercial quarter in the former Suurstoffi industrial area in Risch Rotkreuz. Interested persons can register for testing the Eliq app. The pilot project will carry-on until March 2023.