News | 28.02.2023

Our Plume News in February

Have you registered for the WorkPass® webinar yet? Did you know that Plume introduced Signal Release 3.0 at the end of January? 

No? Then find out more about it and other news in our February news!

Haystack product suite - Signal Release 3.0

Network health
Tracks network health and issues across all subscriber locations. The same alerts that are displayed for individual locations in Frontline Health Check are also available for the service provider's entire network.

Configurable monitoring rules
In the previous Signal version monitoring rules were hard coded. In Signal 3.0 these rules are configurable.

Support outreach using email
Signal 3.0 can alert support by email when set threshold parameters are reached.

Push notifications for customers
Prescriptive push notifications enabling subscriber self-help can be configured. 

Monitoring of service provider outages
Outages allow service providers to configure a location count that represents the minimum number required to be considered a service provider outage (e.g., 8 households).