News | 27.04.2023

Our Plume News in April

Have you read the positive review of the Plume SuperPods WiFi 6E yet? Did you know that we offer selected products in our online store without individual packaging? And have you heard about the WorkPass App Update?

No? Then learn more about it in our April news!

WorkPass® App Update

At Plume WorkPass, there have been exciting new features with the latest app update.

For example, there is now a brand new web-based management portal that makes it even easier and clearer for users to manage their WorkPass networks. This means that users always have all the important information and functions at a glance and can access everything quickly.

Furthermore, there is now also the option to disable or enable LAN Ethernet ports. This is particularly practical if you want to exclude certain devices or applications from the network or to increase security on the network.

Introduction of the enhanced Plume Haystack

Service Provider müssen ihre Dienste neu gestalten, um den sich schnell ändernden Kundenerwartungen gerecht zu werden. Dazu benötigen sie einen umfassenden Einblick in Teilnehmerdaten, um Kundenbedürfnisse zu verstehen und in einem wettbewerbsintensiven Umfeld einen Mehrwert zu bieten.
Aus diesem Grund hat Plume einige wichtige Updates für Haystack durchgeführt.

Insgesamt bietet Haystack folgende vier Anwendungen, mit denen Service Provider ihre Kunden besser verstehen und ihre Dienste optimieren können.


Complete visibility for problem resolution

Frontline provides a comprehensive view of an individual subscriber's location. The solution provides visibility into the network structure, connected devices, security events, and Quality of Experience for each device and access point. With this comprehensive view, service provider support can quickly identify and resolve issues.


Real-time WiFi alerts

With Signal, service providers can identify which locations are experiencing problems and send customized push notifications to the appropriate customers. 


Comprehensive network dashboards

Panorama provides service providers a network and operations dashboard with an aggregated view of their Plume services. This allows service providers to see everything from threats blocked by Guard, to successful optimizations in Adapt, to the devices and device categories that are most popular among their customer base.


Personalized data reports

QuerySight provides granular and personalized data, including direct file access. Service providers can thus gain insights that help them understand their network and customers at a detailed level.