News | 14.06.2023

ChargeUp wins and equips Oslo with charging solution

We are proud of our technology partner! ChargeUp has left all competition behind: The Norwegian city of Oslo chooses ChargeUp to control its public charging stations for electric vehicles.

ChargeUp will manage the more than 2,300 public charging stations in Oslo with its intelligent backend solution. And every year, about 200 more will be added. Already starting this summer! And this is how the Oslo Environmental Authority justified their choice:

«We consider ChargeUp CPO to be a modern and functional solution that is ready to use and has a clear user interface. It gives us a complete overview of the charging processes and allows us to operate the stations remotely.»
— Oslo Environmental Authority

Daniel Ševčík, CEO of ChargeUp is happy about the victory:

«Winning the tender for the city of Oslo is a great success for us. Firstly, because Oslo is considered the world capital of electromobility - nowhere else are there so many electric cars and nowhere else is the density of charging infrastructure as high as in Oslo. Public transport, which includes trams, buses and boats, will be fully electrified in Oslo by the end of this year. By 2030, Oslo aims to become the world's first completely emission-free city.

Secondly, in the tender process, which ran from February to April, we were able to prevail against the largest European and global providers, with the decisive criteria being the robustness, scalability and functionality of the solution offered.»

80% of new cars sold in Norway are powered by batteries

Last year, 80% of new cars sold in Norway were electric, making the country a pioneer in the transition to battery-powered mobility. Norway will stop selling cars with internal combustion engines as early as 2025.