News | 05.07.2019

Swiss pioneer choses Calix's SDN solution

Quadruple-play provider WWZ chooses as Swiss pioneer the groundbreaking cloud-based SDN solutions from Calix. For more efficient processes, faster market launches and to strengthen customer loyalty.

The digital change also challenges the Swiss broadband network operators again and again. Disruptive OTT offerings, the IP standard, new technologies such as cloud services, and the convergence of the energy supply market are increasing both the demands and the complexity. This often not only reduces the ARPU and the view on the customer, it also drives the OPEX and the churn in an often limited value chain. This does not have to remain like this.

Reducing OPEX - increasing loyalty

The cloud-based, Software-Defined-Networking (SDN) Calix solutions, launched for Switzerland by Broadband Networks (BN), give cable broadband network operators several decisive competitive market advantages:

  • Reduction of OPEX through simplification of the network architecture
  • Expansion of 10 Gigabit access into the customer's home network
  • Rapid implementation of new products / services
  • Use of artificial intelligence to enhance customer experiences and product differentiation
  • Open ecosystem for third party applications.

This allows operational efficiency gains, reduces capital costs and creates new revenue opportunities through an increased value chain. This in turn strengthens client retention and brand loyalty.

WWZ opts for SDN solution from Calix

As first mover, WWZ in Zug decided to replace all 15 PoPs within its catchment area with XGS-PONs from Calix AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Edge Systems. Implemented through Broadband Networks, this SDN solution not only gives WWZ more efficient processes, faster time-to-market, an extended value chain and increased customer loyalty. In addition, the Calix solution allows the:

  • Integration of Broadband Network Gateway functionality
  • Connection of the Business Support System via a one interface.
Position of strength also in the Smart Home

What's more, with the Calix solution from Broadband Networks, WWZ is also expanding its value chain into the homes of its private customers and into the local area networks of its business clients. In addition, WWZ offers an app for customers to configure a large number of requirements and settings in a self-care process. In order to successfully differentiate itself in the Smart Home / Business market with new services, stronger brand loyalty and customer loyalty. And all this with breathtakingly 10 GB symmetrical data speed. "With Calix, we are strengthening our market position several ways. The unified SDN platform simplifies our architecture and processes, improves the use of existing customer data and accelerates the introduction of new services. And we are extending our value chain into the home network in our customers' homes, "Stefan Willi, CTO IT, WWZ AG