News | 29.08.2023

Successful certification: ChargeUp is now integrated with ChargePilot

We are excited to announce that we were able to complete all tests positively and achieve another milestone. Our backend is now certified and compatible with ChargePilot charging and energy management system!

What is the significance of the integration?

Electromobility has experienced an enormous upswing in recent years. One of the biggest challenges for e-mobility providers is the efficient management of charging processes.

The integration of our innovative ChargeUp solution further increases the efficiency of charging processes, which benefits both EV owners and charging station operators: for EV owners, an improved charging experience goes hand in hand with easy reservation, seamless billing and optimized energy management. Charging station operators, on the other hand, benefit from more efficient use of their charging stations, better utilization and optimized energy distribution.

ChargeUp and ChargePilot thus contribute to the creation of a sustainable and future-proof electrification of transport.

«Our backend system, which offers a mobile app for direct payment in addition to the CPO function for managing the charging stations, is designed as an open platform. The integration of ChargePilot was therefore uncomplicated and smooth. Especially when expanding existing systems, it is important that systems from different manufacturers can be operated in one property, which is possible with this.»
— Alexander Wirth, Business Development & Product Manager at BN AG

What are the advantages of an open backend for the operation of charging stations?

  • It can be used universally.
  • It is manufacturer-agnostic, i.e. independent of manufacturers, systems or components.
  • Thanks to the modular design, any modules from other manufacturers can be combined.
  • Existing systems can be retrofitted.
  • It scores in terms of value for money.
  • The charging processes and the utilization of the charging stations can be managed efficiently.
«We are very pleased about the cooperation with ChargeUp. It shows once again the importance of an open interface architecture for the interaction of different systems. This is the only way to create maximum scalability and flexibility with regard to future developments. It is precisely such partnerships that enable the ramp-up of electromobility.»
— Christian Müller, General Manager Switzerland at The Mobility House AG

About ChargeUp - The solution for efficient charging

Our ChargeUp solution enables the management of all data collected by the charging station, such as its technical parameters, location and current status. Coupled with an area-wide control and optimization of the individual installations, this is completely independent of the respective manufacturer and offers dynamic load management via the cloud. At the same time, the solution is fully scalable and can be used from single-family homes and medium-sized parking garages to turnkey charging infrastructure for cities and municipalities.

Via the app, end customers are guided to the nearest charging station, receive information about its availability, technical capacity and the current status of the charging stations. In addition, they can track the ongoing charging process, choose from various tariffs and pay directly for charging their cars.