News | 02.10.2023

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Fall is knocking on the door, and at Plume we have a bunch of exciting news for you! Have you heard about the new Full Stack Optimization feature? Do you know that end users have an increased interest in smart home technologies, and how you can use this to your advantage? Or have you thought about how to market WorkPass on social media?

No? Then you can find out more about this and other news in our Plume News!

Full Stack Optimization
The Game Changer for WiFi Performance

With "Full Stack Optimization," Plume introduces a revolutionary series of AI-powered networking features that take the WiFi experience to a whole new level. But how does it work?

Plume's AI algorithms leverage a global Software Defined Network spanning more than 50 million locations worldwide. Shared machine learning optimizes network performance and meets the growing demands of customers.

This offers advantages for both service providers and end customers.

Advantages of Full Stack Optimization

Optimal user experience:
Application performance is continuously improved, allowing users to enjoy a smooth use of their apps.

Increased efficiency for service providers:
Different network devices can be tested, and the best-performing hardware solution can be selected for their specific use cases.

Reduced support requests:
By proactively identifying and resolving performance issues, support calls are reduced, resulting in happier customers and less churn