News | 10.10.2023

Is automation the key to your access network?

Automation, i.e. the automation of processes, seems to be the magic word par excellence and is usually mentioned in the same breath as efficiency and productivity increases or service agility.

But automation alone is not enough. After all, the automation of complex processes and system landscapes hardly leads to an increase in efficiency or cost reductions.

Our technology and vendor-independent software platform by NMS Prime is designed specifically for you, small and medium-sized energy and multi-service providers, with the goal of reducing the complexity of intransparent system landscapes.

The solution includes modules for automated service provisioning and monitoring and securing access networks. Thanks to its API based on Rest/JSON, NMS Prime can also be connected to existing systems particularly easily and cost-effectively.

How Zero Touch Provisioning works

With the NMS Prime software platform, services such as Internet access, VoIP or TV packages can be activated, resources allocated, and configurations performed automatically. And all this without human intervention and independent of the access technology (DOCSIS, FTTH, DSL).

The savings and benefits are obvious:

  • Minimization of errors through standardized configurations
  • Reduced time in the provision of new services
  • Fast activation of services through predefined automation workflows

Only a healthy network is a good network 

Your network health is also very important to NMS Prime. In the event of deviations and failures, ticket suggestions are automatically generated with information about the fault and the responsible support staff are notified.

By tracking aspects such as quality of service, bandwidth utilization and service availability, the provisioning platform also helps you ensure the quality of your services.

But how exactly does this work? Current values for availability and services of the modems or ONTs are queried at regular intervals. For a simplified display, devices can also be grouped geographically, for example behind an amplifier or splitter. If certain values are exceeded, a notification or an alarm is sent for the device or the group, depending on the settings.

  • Continuous automated monitoring of services quality
  • Real-time notifications of deviations from quality limits
  • Faster response to quality issues and better compliance with service level agreements 

And what else can NMS Prime do? 

In addition to streamlining processes, the software-based provisioning platform can also help you schedule field technicians by taking into account factors such as location, skills and availability. 

Through mobile applications, such as the NMS Prime app and other tools, technical staff receive troubleshooting guidance and can document the progress of their tasks.