News | 24.10.2023

No smart meter? No problem.

With the new «No Meter Insights» feature of our Energy Insights app from Eliq, customers who do not yet have smart meters can now also benefit from the app.

The rollout of smart electricity meters in Switzerland is in full swing. By the end of 2027, at least 80% of all private households must be equipped with a smart meter, according to the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050, which was enacted in 2017. With the aim of increasing their energy efficiency. 

Despite being halfway there, however, the rollout is lagging well behind and not everyone already has access to smart meter data. Thanks to the Energy Insights platform from our technology partner Eliq, customers without smart meters can now access valuable energy information and actively contribute to more efficient energy use.

The new «No Meter Insights» feature makes it possible!

How does this exactly work?

The «No Meter Insights» function takes manual values as a basis, which are entered by the end customers or by the energy supply companies. During onboarding, the consumption value of the last year is asked for.

In order to create a comprehensive consumer profile, other criteria are also filled in, such as the type and size of the apartment, how many people live there, what type of heating is installed, what devices are used in the household, whether a PV system exists or e-vehicles are charged, and much more. Based on this data, a consumption overview is created and the consumption is estimated.

In addition, there is a «Similar households» function - A comparison functionality in which one's own electricity consumption is compared with the determined average values of similar households.

In this way, valuable insights are gained and measures are initiated to optimize one's own electricity consumption.

And what does this mean for energy suppliers?

With Eliq's solution, energy providers do not have to focus only on households with smart meters. They can now address all customers and give them a participative tool to benefit from the potential of energy data – with or without smart meters.

You don't need smart meters to be smart!

Learn more about it!

In this video, James Richmond, Pre-Sales Engineer Lead at Eliq, talks about the new «No Meter Insights» feature.

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