News | 09.11.2023

No load management yet? Then now is the time!

We show you why you, as an e-mobility provider, absolutely need dynamic load management and what makes our ChargeUp solution so special (Part 1).

What exactly is dynamic load management and why do you need it as an e-mobility provider?

Imagine charging several vehicles at the same time in a parking garage. Today, with the advance of e-mobility, this is a completely normal everyday occurrence. This quickly results in a high charging power requirement. One of the key challenges when setting up a charging infrastructure is therefore the provision of charging power for multiple users.

And what advantages do you benefit from as an e-mobility provider?

Whether at public charging stations, in multi-storey parking lots, for vehicle fleets, for charging stations at work or at home – optimizing energy distribution in an EV charging infrastructure brings decisive advantages:

  • No grid overloads! Optimize the charging of electric vehicles by automatically providing the maximum available power at all times. Exceeding the available energy is avoided to prevent additional costs and power outages.
  • Minimize operating costs! With dynamic load management and the associated savings in operating costs, you will amortize the investment costs in your electrical infrastructure within a short time.
  • Remote monitoring! You can monitor the DLM functions remotely in real time and view all information on the system's total electricity consumption.
  • Use the installed base by operating existing and new charging stations via one and the same platform – investment protection & minimization of operating costs!

But what makes our DLM from ChargeUp so special?

With our DLM module of the charging solution from our technology partner ChargeUp, charging stations from different manufacturers can be optimized in parking garages or across networks. Users, tariffs and management can be managed. And all without any additional hardware, i.e. purely software-based!

Our DLM system can be used very flexibly and can be configured according to your needs.

Find out more about ChargeUp in this video.

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In part 2 of our «dynamic load management» series, we will show you the advantages of an open platform and the compatibility of our ChargeUp solution. Stay tuned!