Energy Insights by Eliq

With our Energy Insights platform, you can prominently place your energy product at your customers’ fingertips - directly on their smartphones. By putting a focus on this everyday product, you can transform yourself into a competitive energy service provider.

The platform, which we market in Switzerland as a partner of the Swedish company Eliq, is based on three components:

  • Insights and advice
  • Energy management
  • Self-Service
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Insights & Consulting: Optimize your own consumption

With our energy insights, you can help your customers understand their consumption and spark their interest in change. "Energy Usage Categories" help your customers know where they consume their energy and is therefore one of the most used features in the app.

The app provides ten different categories that help users identify the most consumptive areas in the home and react to their advantage.

Energy Usage Categories builds on smart metering and energy disaggregation technology (NILM = Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring), requiring only 15-minutes-values (AMI = Advanced Metering Infrastructure) to determine how much energy has been used for heating, hot water, laundry, lights and more.

The features can also be used - with a few limitations - with manual meter reading, offering more ease of use and financial benefits for PV users and e-car owners.

«79% of users believe the app has led them to change their behavior.*»
— ​ *Survey of 2491 Eliq App users in Europe

Comparing one's consumption with others motivates and justifies customers to fill out more information about their housing situation, which has a substantial marketing benefit and improves the customer's investment.

Convenient: The anomaly notification learns the individual consumption habits of each household and warns users when a significant change occurs. This allows them to adjust their behavior in time to avoid bill shock.

A carbon footprint measurement that updates continuously is another popular feature and triggers a conscious use of available resources.

A smart home thanks to mobile energy management

Anyone who relies on eMobility to get around will appreciate the intelligent charging functions of our app. For example, they ensure that charging occurs when the price is lowest, or the energy mix in the grid is greener. For photovoltaic owners, the PV insights are a valuable and motivating control element, as are the warnings of performance problems. 

Self-service services for fast solutions

Change address, check and pay bills, and chat with customer service: In addition to the many insights and optimizations, your customers can also do their everyday stuff directly via the app using our interactive communication platform. This saves time and money for everyone involved.

Our partner Eliq

We work with tech partner Eliq to deploy our energy insights platform. Eliq is one of the 50 fastest-growing tech companies in Sweden and is dedicated to building relationships between end customers and energy service providers. Thanks to our expertise at BN, we can tailor the Swedish white label solution to your Swiss needs.