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Probably the two biggest trends in the field of network access technology are the massive growth of fiber networks to the end customers, the so-called fiber to the home, and the increasing autonomy of end customers in the selection and use of services.

With Intelligent Access EDGE and Revenue EDGE, Calix has created a portfolio that takes both into account and supports network operators in building and expanding future-proof networks. 

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For the ultimate customer experience 

Customers have a highly simplified view of their network and high expectations of the network operator. Ideally, all services should work on all devices, always and everywhere. This view puts a lot of pressure on the operator and its network. 

To meet the high and ever-changing expectations of end-customers, it is therefore essential that network operators simplify their access network and its architecture by operating the provisioning, monitoring and management of the entire subscriber-facing network from a single point rather than from different points in the network.  

By moving key functions such as routing and subscriber management closer to the end customer, service providers can significantly reduce their investment costs by reducing the number and size of systems. More importantly, it appears that network operators can significantly reduce ongoing and recurring operating costs by making this shift. 

The last network you will ever build  

With Intelligent Access EDGE, you can build a network capable of delivering and sustaining a wide range of services for decades. In addition to the cost savings already mentioned, the Intelligent Access EDGE solution offers you the following benefits: 

  • Improved analytics and automation to optimize network planning, automate key tasks, and adapt to future features and services 

  • An integrated diagnostic toolbox for remotely diagnosing problems at the end users. 

  • An integration and test sandbox that eliminates the need to build large labs to train personnel and integrate solutions with the network and BSS/OSS systems 

The Intelligent Access EDGE solution includes three key components: Intelligent Access EDGE Foundation, Intelligent Access EDGE Clouds and Intelligent Access EDGE Software. 

Intelligent Access EDGE Foundation - The basis for your best network 

With the components Network Innovation Platform AXOS, Services Management Connectors, Diagnostic Toolbox and the Integration & Testing Sandbox you lay the foundation for a simplified network architecture and an outstanding customer experience.  

Network Innovation Platform - A software-based platform  

The Linux-based, fully disaggregated AXOS software platform, with its unique features, forms the basis and is the driver for your future-proof and simplified network:  

Modular architecture: The AXOS architecture is modular, and each module has its own versions. Since AXOS modules can be upgraded and restarted independently, the architecture ensures that changes to one function do not affect other system functions. 

Hardware independence: AXOS Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) software emulates the underlying hardware and isolates the reusable modules from the chipset drivers, allowing you to introduce new technologies without impacting subscriber services. 

Service Abstraction: The Service Abstraction Layer (SAL) ensures that the data models and interfaces for the services you provide remain consistent across access technologies, systems, and deployment applications, simplifying your operations. 

Stateful operation: AXOS ensures that the variables required by each module are stored and available when each module is restarted. Each module can then be upgraded and restarted without affecting other system functions - ensuring a self-healing network that is always ready for operation. 

SDN-enabled: AXOS is the only natively NETCONF-enabled operating system in the world. Whether network providers are moving their networks to SDN today or working with existing OSS/BSS systems, AXOS provides the connections needed to eliminate middleware and reduce cost and complexity. 

Services Management Connector - For easy connectivity 

The Services Management Connector (SMx) software application provides you with an automated development and simplification environment. In doing so, SMx is extensible to new applications and enables fast integration with other open platforms. SMx also provides fast back-office integration through a REST/JSON interface with integrated tools such as SWAGGER. 

Diagnostics Toolbox - For your best network 

The Diagnostic Toolbox is an integrated set of network diagnostic tools such as Wireshark, TCP Dump and Video Channel Analyzer that enable remote management and troubleshooting of the access network. 

Integration and Testing Sandbox - For more service agility 

Build, test and integrate your software-based network up to 70 percent faster! How? With the AXOS Sandbox, that substantially simplifies the introduction of new services and shortens their implementation time. 

Because by using virtual instances of the AXOS systems, the time required for lab tests, BSS and OSS integration and software certification is dramatically reduced.

  • OSS integration without the need to wait for the network to be built
  • Software Release certification without building a lab
  • Save on space, people, and equipment

Calix Clouds - Insights, Insights, Insights 

In recent years, telecommunications and network operators have been engaged in a fierce battle over price and Internet speed. In the process, the market price for the Internet connection becomes a fixed price, regardless of connection speeds. 

Customers are therefore increasingly making decisions based on subjective perceptions of a product or service and are dependent on characteristics such as the personal relevance of the service offered. 

With Calix's Revenue EDGE solution, you can ensure that you are always providing your customers with the service that is relevant to their lifestyle. The solution consists of the following different components: 

Calix Operations Cloud is the latest addition to the Calix Cloud portfolio and allows you to offer your customers various self-service options and automate provisioning across the entire subscriber-facing network. 

Marketing and Support Cloud delivers relevant data that helps you tailor your service offering to meet the needs of your customers. 

With the help of EDGE Services, which includes the Ultimate Managed WiFi service, you can ensure that your customers benefit from impeccable WiFi throughout their homes. In addition, the Command IQ app gives your customers full control over their home network. 

The fourth component, EDGE Enablement, helps you launch and market newly created services. Marketing assets and campaign templates are made available to you. In addition, you can exchange information with other network operators in the Calix Community. 

Intelligent Access Edge Software - To further optimize your network 

Intelligent Access Edge software lets you incorporate additional features that make sense for your specific network architecture: 

Advanced Routing Module (ARm) is designed to integrate Layer 3 intelligence into your access network. In doing so, ARm provides the benefits of a routed network, including the ability to move caching and other edge computing functions closer to the subscriber without impacting other network functions.  

Routing Protocol Module (RPm) offers the same benefits as ARm, but is intended for network providers that already have an MPLS solution or do not need one. 

Subscriber Management Module (SMm) is a software module that provides the access network with management functions such as authentication, authorization, subscriber session accounting, address assignment, policy management, security, and lawful intercept. SMm gives you unprecedented visibility into traffic on your network, enabling subscriber management and the use of policies and filters to prevent network attacks. 

About Calix

Calix is the world's leading provider of cloud and software platforms, systems and services required to deliver a consolidated access network. Its platforms and services help customers build next-generation networks through a DevOps operating model and optimize the customer experience by leveraging Big Data analytics.