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The cost-effective solution to evolve your network

Adtran's software-based access platform is an important part of an evolved access network strategy that uses open, modular, component-based architectures and leverages the open-source market to shorten service integration cycles and minimize service disruption as new applications are created and deployed.

For the access platform Adtran has developed a data center-influenced standalone OLT architecture combined with non-blocking leaf spine fabrics and aggregation switches. A key feature of these so-called leaf spine switching networks is that all leaf switches have fully meshed connectivity to the spine switches. This union of the economies of scale of a data center with the agility of a cloud provider gives you maximum flexibility, resource elasticity, and easy connectivity to OSS. 

Adtran is the best choice for service providers looking for a flexible, cost-effective solution to evolve their networks and deliver a wide range of next-generation services.

The various modules of Adtran's access solution include:

  • Disaggregated OLTs
  • Aggregation switches (optional)
  • Mosaic Cloud Platform (Access Domain Orchestration platform)
  • Connected Home by Adtran or Plume WiFi Platform

Disaggregated OLTs for easy integration into your network

The SDX 6000 Series OLTs are based on an open architecture and can be added by any aggregation system, including Adtran's SDX 8000 Series. The OLTs also feature open APIs that leverage standard NETCONF/YANG interfaces for all management functions, facilitating integration into an SDN-driven environment. For scalability, they are built on a "pay-as-you-grow" architecture, where PON OLTs can easily be added as needed.

No chassis, no proprietary backplane, no common components, and no constraints on flexible network topologies, are required for the deployment of Adtran SDX OLTs. This enables centralized and distributed deployment using the same core building blocks that fit perfectly into the distributed network architecture.

Connectivity options for maximum flexibility

Optionally, the SDX OLTs can be integrated into a traditional aggregation network or a leaf spine architecture using 100GE aggregation switches. 

The Adtran SDX family is a non-blocking leaf spine fabric and aggregation Ethernet switching. A key feature is that all Leaf switches can provide a fully meshed, non-blocking connection to spine switches.

Another key benefit of these programmable network elements is horizontal scaling, also known as scaling out. In an SD access network, as the number of Ethernet aggregation ports increases, spine and aggregation switches are added while maintaining meshed connectivity. Leaf and spine switching capabilities are sized to accommodate this growth and can be easily upgraded as needed.

The "intent based" environment ensures rapid automatic redimensioning of traffic flows as more switching capacity is added. 

Network management made easy with Mosaic Cloud Platform (MCP)

MCP - is a modular, microservices-based software platform for management and control, which can be supplemented with an open source SDN controller if required. MCP includes features such as Access Domain Orchestration for disaggregated access systems, FCAPS/EMS, Subscriber Session Management and OSS API adapters. The open interfaces and a software development kit (SDK) for physical network elements and software applications make MCP the ideal platform not only for managing Adtran's network elements, but also those of so-called white-box providers.

For better connectivity at home - The Adtran or Plume WiFi Platform

Adtran offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-managed, adaptive mesh wifi solutions to extend the gigabit experience throughout the home.

About Adtran

Adtran, Inc. is a leading global provider of open, disaggregated networking and communications devices that enables voice, data, video and Internet communications over any network infrastructure. As such, Adtran solutions help service providers around the world manage and scale services.