Plume HomePass

Plume® HomePassTM not only ensures an always optimal WiFi connection to the last corner, but also offers many first-class services and perfect protection for the smart home.

A world of services for the smart home 

Our unique, cloud-based service platform "Plume HomePass" offers more than just interference-free WiFi. First-class services ensure perfect protection for all devices and people, according to individual needs. Setup takes just a few minutes and the app gives you control over your home network from anywhere.

Building a strong market position for service providers 

The "smart home" is on the rise and about to become the next big player. The number of WiFi-capable devices in the home is increasing, data consumption is rising, security is becoming more and more important - many WiFi networks today can no longer keep up. 

Plume's innovative service platform overcomes these challenges and also creates significant strategic and operational opportunities for you as a service provider: 

  • Additional sales revenue, acquisition of new customers and growth 
  • Strong market positioning 
  • Higher customer satisfaction 
  • Stronger customer loyalty and reduction of the churn rate 
  • Efficient customer support using Plume's troubleshooting tool 
  • Reduce incoming calls and lower operating costs 

In short, with Plume you can help your customers have a worry-free WiFi experience and benefit from many advantages as a service provider at the same time. Secure a strong position in a competitive market now. 

See how other service providers are successfully using Plume for themselves in our success stories.