Plume WorkPass

The perfect solution for smaller businesses - and more than just WiFi!

No IT specialists are needed and it offers ideal protection for smart business.

A revolution for smaller businesses

More than fast and reliable WiFi. Designed specifically for small businesses, Plume® WorkPassTM offers a suite of Smart Business Services.

Companies no longer have to rack their brains over IT matters - no IT know-how is required, and operation via mobile app allows the company network to be managed from anywhere.

Ideal for businesses with customer traffic such as restaurants, cafes, bars, hairdressers, doctors' surgeries and other service companies, but also for office businesses.

Expansion of the business customer segment for service providers

Plume's innovative service platform creates significant strategic and operational opportunities for service providers:

  • You gain new customers in the business segment, boost your growth and generate additional sales revenue
  • You strengthen your market positioning
  • You exceed customer expectations and benefit from a high level of customer satisfaction
  • You strengthen customer loyalty and reduce churn
  • You provide efficient, personalized customer support thanks to Plume's troubleshooting tool
  • You reduce your field operations and operational costs
  • You get customer insights by using WorkPass as a marketing tool

With Plume, you can deliver a worry-free WiFi solution to your business customers, while benefiting from many advantages as a service provider.