News | 21.03.2024

Adapt vs. EasyMesh – The new whitepaper from Plume

Our technology partner Plume has published an insightful whitepaper highlighting the differences between Plume's Adapt™ and EasyMesh®. We are happy to share these insights with you today!

A brief explanation of the two architectures:

And what is the impact of these differences?

Plume has analyzed the impact of the two architectures on three characteristics required to deliver Quality of Experience (QoE) in multi-access point networks. These characteristics are:

  • Open source software, which can be used in CPEs for control and monitoring.
  • Access to data (WiFi, devices, applications, consumer behaviour) for optimization algorithms.
  • Intelligent, predictive algorithms for real-time network optimization.

The analysis shows that Plume's Adapt is clearly superior in all respects!

The following figure, taken from the whitepaper, shows an important architectural difference between Adapt and EasyMesh. Adapt encompasses both CPE and cloud service definition, enabling a harmonized experience across all CPE vendors:

Have you become eager to find out more? Then download the Plume whitepaper now:

Our belief

At BN, we firmly believe that choosing the right technology is crucial to meet not only today's needs, but also tomorrow's challenges.

As a supplier of innovative access and service platforms, we worked with our technology partner Plume to enable early access to this cloud-based WiFi technology for the Swiss market.

Why we are convinced that Plume's Adapt™ is the future:

  1. Cloud-based intelligence and control:
    Adapt leverages the cloud for network control, enabling comprehensive data analytics to continuously and proactively optimize the network.
  2. Continuous, individual network optimization:
    Adapt draws on multidimensional data that takes into account both the environment and consumer behavior to optimize individual network performance.
  3. Harmonized customer experience:
    Adapt enables a consistent customer experience across all supported CPE manufacturers by ensuring consistent performance and quality of service across the cloud platform.
  4. Scalable and future-proof:
    With its open architecture and cloud connectivity, Adapt provides an easily scalable solution that allows seamless integration of additional services and makes it easy to adapt to future requirements.
  5. Adaptable and compatible:
    Adapt is based on OpenSync, an open software platform that offers broad customization and compatibility with various devices and services.