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Smart Home

Learn more about our unique cloud-based service platform for the home.

Plume HomePass not only ensures an always optimal WiFi connection to the last corner, but also offers many first-class services and perfect protection.

A world of services for the smart home 

Our unique, cloud-based service platform "Plume HomePass®" offers more than just interference-free WiFi. First-class services ensure perfect protection for all devices and people, according to individual needs. Setup takes just a few minutes and the app gives you control over your home network from anywhere. 

Stable and fast WiFi connection 

Plume's optimisation software ensures stable, fast and consistent WiFi coverage. It continuously analyses the characteristics of connected devices, user behaviour and the frequencies and channels in the home and surrounding area, ensuring that optimal bandwidth is always available to each device. 

Perfect access control 

User profiles, guest access and access rights as well as connection times for users and devices are managed individually. 

Protection from cyber attacks 

The devices connected to the WiFi are protected around the clock from spam, phishing, botnets, malware, spyware, etc. The blocked attacks can be viewed in the app. 

Child protection on the internet 

The type of web content displayed can be set at several levels for each device or profile, and certain websites can be blocked to keep children and young people safe online. 

Motion detector 

When the function is activated, Plume uses the SuperPods and the connected devices as motion sensors - without any cameras. If movements take place in the home, notifications are triggered on the smartphone if desired. 

Customer support 

If you have any questions or problems with the WiFi network, a personal customer support team is available to help by phone. 

Easy installation and automatic updates 

Setup is done in minutes - the app guides you through the installation process. And thanks to the cloud-based technology, updates are completely automatic. 

Building a strong market position for service providers 

The "smart home" is on the rise and about to become the next big player. The number of WiFi-capable devices in the home is increasing, data consumption is rising, the issue of "security" is becoming more and more important - many WiFi networks today can no longer keep up. 

Plume's innovative service platform overcomes these challenges and also brings significant strategic and operational opportunities for you as a service provider: 

  • Additional sales revenue, acquisition of new customers and growth 
  • Strong market positioning 
  • Higher customer satisfaction 
  • Stronger customer loyalty and reduction of the churn rate 
  • Efficient customer support using Plume's troubleshooting tool 
  • Reduce incoming calls and lower operating costs 

In short, with Plume you can help your customers have a worry-free WiFi experience and benefit from many advantages as a service provider at the same time. Secure a strong position in a competitive market now. 

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