News | 26.03.2024

New e-book about the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

Electromobility is developing at a fast pace and is becoming increasingly important in our society, not least thanks to innovative solutions that make electric vehicle (EV) charging easier, more efficient and more accessible.

And we want to make sure that you not only keep pace, but are always one step ahead!

What you can expect

The e-book not only highlights the technical aspects and challenges of setting up a charging infrastructure, but also provides valuable insights into optimizing operational processes, performance management and monetization of charging stations.

From selecting the right charging stations - whether AC or DC, portable or permanently installed - to installation and management and even the app for e-drivers (ESP/MSP), the e-book covers all relevant topics.

You will also gain access to some case studies with successful business models for charging electric vehicles.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it? After reading the free e-book, you will know what is important when setting up and operating a charging infrastructure!

At BN, we understand the importance of a reliable and user-friendly charging infrastructure for the future of electromobility. That's why we are proud to work with our technology partner ChargeUp and distribute their world-class charging solutions in Switzerland.

You can find more information about ChargeUp on our website. Let's build the future of e-mobility together!