Are you ready for 25%+ eCars?

In 2022 (as of February), the share of newly registered electric and hybrid cars in Switzerland will be 23.5 percent, compared to 13.6 percent in 2020.* Our answer to this development is the charging solution ChargeUp by Unicorn.

eMobility has long since arrived in the now and there are no signs that the trend will turn soon. As a real estate owner, you will want to be able to provide the infrastructure for it; as an energy service provider, you are opening an interesting new source of income. And as BN we are excited to accompany you in the process.

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Do you want to equip your family home or would you rather equip the whole city?

In BN you will find a reliable partner who can respond to your individual needs. Our charging solutions are scalable as desired and build on various modules. Which means we can upgrade individual buildings as well as entire settlements or even cities. But let's take things one step at a time: Together, as a first step, we evaluate your current needs and discuss how they might change over the next few years. ChargeUp by Unicorn is thus aimed at private individuals as well as companies, energy service providers and public authorities. Because one thing is common to all: the goal of providing enough energy at the right time to move with electric propulsion.

More customers and better control


Your charge level is 22 percent, but you still have to drive from Zurich back to Bern this evening? With the ChargeUp ESP app, a component of our charging solution, drivers of electric cars can quickly search for the nearest charging station. That's where you come in: Via an entry on the map, you invite searchers to book your charging point, charge the vehicle, and pay for your electricity. 

Behind the Station: The Backend for Charging Station Operators Pays Off

Once you invest in a charging infrastructure, you naturally want to know what's going on behind the scens. That's why we offer ChargeUp CPO, the non-proprietary backend for charging stations that gives you access to current statistics, profitability, maintenance and operating data at any time. You also use it to control the price per kWh, manage customer data and RFID cards. In conjunction with the direct payment function of the customer app ChargeUp ESP, you can amortize your investment in the mobility of the future today. 

You do not want to or cannot commit to one single charging station manufacturer ? Based on an open platform, a wide variety of charging station providers can be integrated and their performance dynamically controlled. Furthermore, thanks to a uniform backend, operation is significantly facilitated and efficient.

Are you more the "all in-kind"? From the planning, the installation of the charging station to the processing of payments and maintenance?

You know you should have done this a long time ago... You actually want to... However, managing an entire project to implement 15 charging stations is simply not in the cards at the moment... We will gladly take care of it for you. As part of our complete solution, we plan and implement all the necessary components, from hardware to software, so that your customers only have to plug in.

That's why you need dynamic load management

Admittedly 11kW doesn't sound like much, fast chargers on the highway offer more than 150 kW of power. But if more than 10 vehicles in a parking garage need to be charged at the same time, you end up with a similarly high total power. One of the challenges when setting up a charging infrastructure is therefore to provide charging power for several users. 

This requires so-called load management, which helps to intelligently distribute the required charging power to the various vehicles thanks to an algorithm. If all users start charging at the same time, the vehicles always require full power, even if they would actually manage with far less power over the parking period (usually overnight), to get their batteries fully charged.

A load management system offers various optimization algorithms to choose from. Ideally, the available charging power is intelligently allocated according to the desired departure time and the charging demand. However, users can also select via the app what they need at any given time and whether they are willing to pay extra for a higher priority.   

In addition, a dynamic load management (DLM) system can be used to provide more charging power at short notice when the consumption in the building is a little lower.

But what makes our DLM system special? With our system, you can optimize charging stations from different manufacturers and do so purely software-based, without any additional hardware. 

And this is how it works: With a few simple steps you can insert the floor plan of your parking garage and generate an appealing visualization of the charging situation in your building.

In addition, cables, sections and floors can be arranged and visualized according to the situation and displayed in more detail in individual images by means of an overview (map). The view is interactive, which greatly simplifies configuration and operation. The limits for the individual elements can also be set dynamically independently of whether the charging stations are private AC or public DC or a combination of both.

Switzerland says yes to more electromobility - with subsidies

Purely electric cars are exempt from automobile tax in Switzerland at a rate of 4 percent of the vehicle's value. In addition, buyers of eMobiles are rewarded with tax relief in many cantons. In the city of Zurich, for example, motor vehicle tax is waived entirely for exclusively electric vehicles. 

In addition, many cities and municipalities are promoting the construction of public as well as private charging infrastructure with financial contributions to installation and operation. 
We would be happy to evaluate the investment and operating costs for your project together with you and what subsidies you can benefit from. 

*Source: The Electromobility Roadmap 2022, Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) and Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO),

Our partner ChargeUp

For our charging solution , we are working with Unicorn from Prague. The people behind this product are not only very competent, but also always a nose ahead of the trends - real unicorns. As your Swiss partner, BN from Urdorf will of course always remain your direct contact.