News | 05.03.2021

Entering a new era: Plume reaches a new milestone

The story of Plume: or, how Plume ditched old-school WiFi and created a super-powered, cloud-based, experience delivery platform for service providers and their subscribers. And how Broadband Networks managed to bring Plume into Swiss homes.

Plume has reached a new milestone, successfully completing Series E funding with $270 million! The global private equity firm Insight Partners is investing.

This means that growth can now be accelerated and expansion into new markets and service segments can be driven forward.

«We will invest heavily in product R&D for small businesses, data insights solutions, and consumer experiences.» – Fahri Diner, Co-founder & CEO, Plume.

Plume moved an industry from Internet access to personalized smart home services that delight customers daily.

In late 2014, Plume‘s founders fantasized about coordinating the world’s largest WiFi network. They wondered how they could facilitate a massive software-defined network for the greater good of all service providers and the subscribers they serve.

See below how Plume's vision has come closer to reality year after year since the company was founded and how Broadband Networks has successfully brought the innovation to the Swiss market: