News | 01.06.2021

Advantages of Decoupling

Access networks and home networks are subject to different development dynamics and have different life cycles. While DOCSIS 3.1 and XGS-PON modems will be able to cope with the digital change of the next ten years, some changes and extensions are still to be expected in the area of WiFi and gateway.

We therefore recommend keeping the network termination device as simple as possible and with a minimum of functionalities ! A physical separation of access and home (decoupling) therefore makes sense and brings you significant strategic and operational advantages:

Increased customer satisfaction
  • More stable network and fewer network failures, thanks to less complexity in the hardware. 

  • Cyber attacks are eliminated via the modem.

  • More flexible response to the technology available in your customer's region, thanks to lower investment costs (e.g. with Plume's cloud-based WiFi routers).   

  • Home networks have diverse requirements, depending on the size of the household and the complexity of the home installation; you can respond to the needs of your customers thanks to the compact dimensions and the included bracket, which can be positioned upright and thus stowed anywhere to save space.


Cost optimisation
  • Sustainable investment, as the life cycle of modem and WiFi are different.
  • Updates become a rarity.
  • Costs for network operation are reduced.
  • Reduction of electronic waste.
  • Fewer failures thanks to reduction of hardware complexity.
  • Routers can be replaced at any time with the latest version (only the routers need to be replaced).