News | 05.04.2022

Cyber Security (3/3): Why the whole home network is so important for service providers

Challenges for Internet Service Providers

The need for security in the home is becoming increasingly important to customers. Fear of hacker attacks and concerns about privacy are growing.

But how? - Opportunities and market potential

They can achieve this by creating a secure IT environment for their customers that not only protects users' data and privacy from malicious attacks, but also offers greater control and transparency over personal IT security.

Private customers are usually not too familiar with IT security. But they know they need a secure digital environment to protect themselves and their families.

Because home networks are complex, many users feel unable to set up, monitor and keep their network security up to date themselves.

This is where Internet Service Providers can establish themselves as trusted partners and experts in a competitive market by offering their customers secure and reliable WiFi access throughout the home.

If the household is protected from threats, customers benefit from significant added value and an improved customer experience!

What else plays a role in home connectivity?

In addition to cybersecurity, other factors are also important in home connectivity. Users need home connectivity that is

  • is  simple  (easy to use, «plug & play»),
  • is  secure  (cyber security) and reports any threats,
  • is reliable  (everywhere, adaptive, up to every end device),
  • can be  controlled  (in terms of time, quality, users),
  • includes  support  (fast help and maintenance).

Home connectivity is not a static product - only a service can provide such connectivity and will be essential for providers!

However, providers who include cloud-based services in their product portfolio achieve many advantages:

  • New offerings and updates can be  made available very quickly.
  • Lower costs  for monitoring and maintaining devices in the network.
  • The cloud also enables ISPs to  access resources  as well as  customer and network insights.
  • This, in turn, enables fast and personalized response  to customer needs.

Smaller service providers in particular, who do not serve millions of customers, benefit significantly from this!

Our conclusion

Internet providers are at a critical stage. To maintain and expand market position, it is not enough to simply look for ways to optimize existing services and continue to sell "boxes".

Rather, investments must be made in future positioning and services that ensure long-term stability and growth. This requires a shift in mindset - with digital products and cloud services that are ready for the smart home era. - WiFi as a Service!

Plume® makes it possible!

Service providers that offer their customers an all-in-one smart home network solution stand out from the competition and are one step ahead. Now is exactly the right time to drive strategic change and differentiate themselves from national providers with smart home services - like HomePassTM - and their proximity to customers.

With the cloud-based service platform of our technology partner Plume with stylish hardware, an intuitive app, and first-class support and backend tools, Internet providers can expand their business in a future-oriented direction and optimally serve their customers. And this is completely independent of access technology and providers.

HomePass gives users perfect access control by managing user profiles, guest access, access rights and connection times, ensures comprehensive cyber protection for the entire home network (read more in part 2 of our series on cyber security), offers parental control and enables motion detection - for more security and control.



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