News | 02.11.2022

Our software-based PON platforms in comparison

In 2006, BN was one of the first providers in Switzerland to rely on PON solutions. In the meantime, XGS PON is set as access network technology. But to drive the digital transformation effectively and economically and to position itself successfully, more is needed: namely modular access platforms based on open standards and programmable. 

With Adtran and Calix, we therefore offer two solutions that have completed the paradigm shift from hardware-based access systems to software-based access platforms. 

Do you want to simplify and automate your network architecture?

Then the Calix software-based access and home connectivity platform is right for you. A key element of the Calix platform is AXOS, the Network Innovation Platform also knwn as the operating system for the software-based access network.

AXOS separates the hardware from the software and services and provides a common service definition and operating environment for all higher-level applications as an abstraction layer. This allows the network architecture to be simplified and automated. The Intelligent Access Edge also includes so-called «pizza box»  OLTs (not traditional chassis) and a customer management (SMx) module. In addition, Calix also offers Revenue Edge, an intelligent WiFi platform for home and small business. 

SMx is a «Service Delivery and Assurance» platform where the service-oriented connection is done via Rest/JSON interface. This also makes it very easy to interface with an existing Software Defined Network (SDN) controller or BSS/OSS. The operating system (AXOS) is connected via NetConf/Yang and is hardware agnostic. SMx is based on a micro-services architecture, which allows the automation of service provisioning and management on Calix anyPON and anyPHY. 

Calix Intelligent Access Edge Solution brings the benefits of Layer 3 network architecture, including MPLS Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs, to new or existing Layer 2 access networks, radically simplifying network operations while reducing operational costs and time to market for new networks and services. The offering is rounded off with cloud service for marketing, support, and operations.

Intelligent Access Edge and Revenue Edge from Calix is the right choice for Internet and multimedia service providers who want to simplify and automate their complex networks (access and home networks) or for «Greenfield» FTTH.

Do you want to learn more about Calix? Then click here.

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to develop your network?

Then Adtran's open standards-based access platform is the best choice for you. Adtran's software-based access platform uses open, modular, component-based architectures and leverages the open-source market to shorten service integration cycles and minimize service disruption as new applications are created and deployed.

Increasing demand for gigabit and multigigabit services requires that network access scalability be planned in advance. Adtran has developed a data center-derived «standalone - OLT»  architecture that can be combined with leaf spine fabrics and aggregation switches. The economies of scale achieved analogous to a data center combined with the agility of a cloud provider offers maximum flexibility and resource elasticity. 

Adtran's solution is combined with the «Mosaic Cloud Platform» (MCP), a modular, microservices-based software platform that includes targeted applications for the management and control plane and complements open source SDN controllers as needed. MCP includes features such as access domain orchestration, FCAPS/EMS capabilities, subscriber session management and OSS API adapters. The open interfaces and SDK, make MCP the ideal platform of distributed access architectures operated by commercial and/or white-box network element providers.

Rounding out the offering is Connectecd Home WiFi from Adtran with devices using OpenSync from Plume or Plume native and cloud services for marketing and support.

Adtran is the best choice for service providers looking for a flexible, cost-effective solution to evolve their networks and deliver a wide range of next-generation services.

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