News | 27.04.2023

Pilot project with our Energy Insights platform successfully completed

The current energy crisis shows a gap between the need to save electricity and the ability of consumers to record and interpret their own electricity consumption and to derive measures.

With the aim of closing this gap, the pilot project with allthisfuture AG - the innovation lab of WWZ - started on 01 December 2022. The innovation lab was created in 2019 with the purpose of identifying trends and developments at an early stage, building up and exchanging know-how, and illuminating growth markets. The main focus is on business models around the transformation of the centralized energy system to a decentralized energy system.

Together with the Zug Estates Group, a 3.5-month test phase was conducted with 65 households in Suurstoffi, a climate-neutral residential and business quarter in Risch-Rotkreuz. The final report reveals exciting findings!

How consumers benefit from the app

  • Wasting energy can be avoided.
  • The app serves as a preferred information channel available around the clock.
  • Thanks to the app, a sense of monthly electricity costs is developed - understanding has improved dramatically.
  • The most popular features are: Detailed consumption history, comparison with previous month, data in CHF.

How energy supply companies benefit from the Energy Insights app

  • There is great interaction potential (engagement) for energy supply companies - most participants used the app at least once a week - and the app thus represents a first important step toward a participatory energy system.
  • The app clearly contributes to upgrading the quality customer service. Transparency creates trust! (Customer quote: "Because when it came to normal electricity bills, I never understood what needed how much electricity").
  • The app clearly improves the transparency and accessibility of information on energy consumption.
  • Significant reduction in customer calls
  • Customer retention through improved user experience

Conclusion of the pilot project by allthisfuture AG - the innovation lab of WWZ

The Energy Insights app enables relevant, positive customer interaction and, with manageable white labeling costs, represents an important step towards a participatory energy system.

Otherwise, energy supply companies run the risk of losing their market positioning from being a supplier to being a service provider to a third party in the future.

Therefore a clear recommendation!