For your services of today and tomorrow!

Attention energy service providers and network providers! Whether you connect smart meters or offer a multimedia service portfolio, with the modular provisioning solution of our technology partner NMS Prime we offer you the first technology and manufacturer-independent service platform in Switzerland.

Effortless and technology agnostic are two terms rarely used in the context of access network management. Intransparent system landscapes lead to increasingly complex processes and ultimately to a steady loss of product and service agility. The open source based service platform of NMS Prime actively counteracts this development. 

With the Internet service provider Kabelfernsehen Bödeli and the energy service provider Gruyère Energie S.A., we have already won two long-standing BN customers for the implementation of our provisioning solution.

Thanks to the various applications in the areas of provisioning, monitoring, billing, administration, error management and ticketing, you can largely automate your processes and thus save a lot of time and money for yourself and your customers. Not only for services you already offer today but also for those you would like to offer in the future.

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Provisioning made easy 

The provisioning modules make it effortless to provision and manage your access network:

  • Automated provisioning, management and configuration of any DOCSIS, FTTH or DSL endpoints. 
  • Direct analyses of customer premises equipment (CPE) 
  • Configure, administer and evaluate systems
  • Manage arbitrary quality-of-service (QoS) profiles
  • Create generic DOCSIS configuration files
  • VoIP provisioning

Full control over your network

The monitoring applications give you full control over your network; right into the furthest corner. This allows you to offer your customers the best quality of service at all times. 

With the personally adjustable dashboard you get real-time data and keep an eye on all important system and end device parameters. 

In addition, VoIP monitoring and analysis of telephone traffic in the network can be ensured while maintaining privacy.

Always keep the overview

Running all applications securely on thousands or even millions of devices is a mammoth task that becomes manageable with the use of the NMS Prime administration package. 

Whether it's workflow optimization, self-service and personalization options for your customers, real estate or node management, you'll always be on top of things.

Ensure the quality, reliability and performance of your network at all times

With incident management, you can identify faults and failures in your network in real time andcorrect them immediately.

The trouble dashboard combines all important information in an appealing display and categorizes and prioritizes problems according to the parameters you define.

With the help of the entity-relationship diagram, a quick technical overview is also guaranteed. A malfunction or failure is visualized directly on the topography map and allows you to react directly with the dispatch of technical personnel, if necessary.

Furthermore, the monitoring data is stored in a normalized form and trains a machine learning algorithm to proactively predict upcoming impairments. 

Never miss a ticket again

In the ticket dashboard you can see all tickets and their status at a glance. Furthermore, they can be assigned to any (or several) users in the system.

With the automated analysis of occured tickets, further optimizations in work processes can be identified. 

In addition to the desktop version, NMS Prime also offers a mobile version of the ticketing system called the ticket receiver. 

With the chat function in the ticket receiver you can keep direct contact with the NOC and other technicians and via the quick links you can contact the client at any time
as well as as access Google Maps and the status page of the affected devices. 

Thanks to adjustable system notifications you will never miss a ticket again and can keep your technicians and the NOC informed about the ticket's status.

Invoicing made easy and fast

Configure product tariffs, define purchasable items, execute billing runs, and create templates for invoices and letters. You can automate all this and much more in the invoicing area and thus contribute to simplifying your processes. 

Simple connection to existing customer systems

Thanks to an Application Programming Interface (API) based on Rest/JSON, NMS Prime can be easily and cost-effectively connected to existing customer systems of energy service providers or multimedia service providers. 

On your premises or in the cloud? 

The software platform can be set up and operated easily at the customer's site or in the cloud (Amazon Web Services in Frankfurt), depending on requirements. A choice can be made between operation on a public or a private cloud, with a move from one to the other also being possible at any time without any problems. 

About NMS Prime

From a service provider for service providers. NMS Prime emerged from an Internet provider and therefore knows the challenges in the market from its own experience. With the first technology and vendor independent software platform for ISP's, NMS Prime offers a modular solution for provisioning, monitoring and securing access networks. BN is your exclusive distribution partner in the Swiss market.