Gigabit Access

In collaboration with leading global technology partners BN's Gigabit Access team offers Internet Service Providers and Energy Service Providers innovative cloud-based solutions. For maximum flexibility, we now offer product and service subscription.

Proprietary network systems? That's old news!

The implementation and use of cloud-based access and service platforms helps our customers to successfully master operational and market challenges and to sustainably differentiate themselves from the competition.

Rethinking Energy! 

With BN Connect, energy service providers can connect smart meters for electricity, water and gas and thus offer their customers a comprehensive range of digital services. 

Our offer includes two basic modules:

  • Our service platform for provisioning, monitoring and ticketing, can be integrated very easily via a standardized interface. 
  • Our GPON-based encryption enables a secure and cost-effective foundation for a digital energy service offering. 

Furthermore, our customers can choose from a wide range of supplementary BN Service modules, which can be purchased in addition to the basic modules as required:

  • Needs analysis, conceptual design and proof of concept
  • Integration and engineering
  • Operations or support and maintenance

You can find more BN Energy Solutions products and services here.


"With BN Connect, you can provide your customers with a variety of services and applications that give them more control and transparency over their consumption and thus also make them more aware of their energy consumption."
— Daniel Schurter, Team Leader Gigabit Access

Our subscription offering

Due to the rapid developments and changes in the market, reliable investment planning when acquiring technology infrastructure is not always easy. With our BN Service Subscriptions, we want to actively support our customers in successfully mastering this challenge and therefore offer all our services on a subscription basis - for more planning security!

Our BN Service Subscriptions can be set up on a customer-specific basis for DOCSIS, FTTH and OSS. There are no capital expenditures, only predictable, monthly recurring costs. 

If requirements change, the service package can be adapted at any time to optimize costs. 

Our BN Service Subscription modules include:

  • A modular OSS software platform that can be easily and cost-effectively customized to meet specific needs. 
  • Virtual network modules such as vBNG, vCCAP or vOLT, which can be included in the subscription as required.
  • The Internet feed can be provided by BN or by the customer. 
  • The provision of relevant customer data and connection to third-party marketing platforms and programs, via standardized API.
  • Hosting at one of our data center partners or directly at the customer's site.